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:X [Melbourne, VIC] :S [Sydney, NSW] :S-II [Sydney, NSW] …S …B [Bondi Beach, Sydney, NSW] terra australis – (lat. terra „Erde“, „Land“; australis „südlich“) Claudius Ptolemäus  – Geographike Hyphegesis =alle Meere sind von Land umgeben. Alle Meere gehören in eines [Mittelmeer] und am Horizont türmen sich immer Berge auf: =Terra australis incognita Falscher Magellan (* 1480 in […]


Anzac Memorial

melbourne anzac memorial park

:Melbourne: {Pouva Start}


Swanston Street

Melbourne Swanston Street

Swanston Street, Melbourne {terra australis}   {Pova Start} {somewhere on the roof top and watching the traffic:} swanston street corner queensberry street, visited the Nicholas Building and not far away you can smell the open space and the sea and seagulls might scream. they ‘re watching [at] you :observe :look [at] you while you wonder in […]